Dress Code

The dress code has been developed to provide a distraction-free environment for the children; to enable free thinking and better allow them to be focused on their student activities. We appreciate your full respect of this school policy.


Dress Guidelines for Pre-school and Kindergarten:

Clothing should be simple and comfortable, allowing children to work or play freely. Warmth is of the utmost importance for growing children. During colder weather, all children must have proper coverage, including warm pants or tights under skirts.

  • All clothing, including shoes, need to be free of advertising, logos (including skulls) and characters. Please no shoes with lights.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Shoes must be appropriate for play (with full coverage).
  • Hats are a necessary item of clothing everyday; in the winter for warmth and in the summer for coverage.
  • Rubber boots for muddy or rainy days.
  • Make-up, nail polish, jewelry or temporary tattoos are not appropriate.
  • Supply a small bag with one extra change of clothing including undergarments to be kept in your child’s cubby. Please be sure to check this bag regularly to see if any items need to be washed and replaced. If your child requires a diaper change, please provide a package of diapers and wipes labeled with your child’s name. Be sure to check this supply regularly.
  • Please supply a pair of soft soled shoes which are to be used in the preschool/kindergarten room only. These shoes should be fully fitted (covering both the heel and toe) and be of the type which allows for unencumbered movement.


Grade School Guidelines:

Clothing needs to be neat, simple and comfortable, allowing students to work and play freely.

  • Shirts must have a collar and need to be free of advertising, logos (including skulls) or characters. Shirts must be long enough to cover midriffs while hands are raised above the head  and must cover the shoulders.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Pants, shorts, dresses and skirts need to be of appropriate length for class activities and weather.
  • Shoes must be appropriate for games class. No flip-flop or sandals which prohibit active play. High heels are not appropriate for school.
  • Hair must be kept out of the students’ eyes.
  • Distracting make-up, nail polish, jewelry, temporary tattoos and hairdos are not appropriate.
  • Festive clothing may be worn for assemblies and special occasions.
  • Black clothing is not allowed.


Students dressed inappropriately will be sent home to change.

It is recommended that students in Grades One through Three keep an extra set of labeled cothing at school.