Lively Festivals

Each year at The City School we celebrate many of the festivals inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy!

We start off the year with Michaelmas.

Michaelmas—At autumn time, as the life forces of nature recede, turning toward a winter sleep, the inner life of the human soul is awakening. It is a time of conscious selfhood, a time when we celebrate the building and strengthening of our inner life.

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Next we celebrate Halloween with our wonderful Halloween Enchantment festival!


This year Halloween Enchantment is open to the public and is a perfect way to spend a family friendly, no scares Halloween for kids of all ages.


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In November comes the Martinmas Lantern Walk
St Martin is best known for his act of kindness towards a poor beggar he encountered who was freezing in the Winter cold.  Martin used his sword to cut his own cloud in two pieces, giving one to the beggar.  This act of compassion gave the beggar hope and comfort.  The traditional symbol for the Martinmas holiday is the lantern.

Learn more about Martinmas at The City School


Just before the Winter Solstice we celebrate the Spiral of Light.
 A tradition taken from the 4th century Advent celebration that celebrates the light within us in the darkest time of the year.


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Each year we put on one of the  Oberufer plays, a collection of three medieval plays that depict events associated with Christmas.

Learn more about the Oberufer Plays

May Faire is one of our biggest festivals of the year!  

Join us for a day of games, magical crafts, theatrical performances and, of course, a Maypole Dance!

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