Parent Cooperative Preschool

Parent Cooperative Preschool at The City School

Preschool Hours: 9:00 – 1:00.

Optional nap until 2:30


The children in the Preschool are led by their teacher in a daily set of consistent activities.  Each day has a rhythm that gives a young child comfort and security.

There is a daily rhythm that includes outside and inside play, wholesome snacks prepared by the children and teacher, singing, movement and painting.  Each day there is a puppet show to aid in the telling of a fairy tale or seasonal story.

Overlapping the daily rhythm are the weekly and seasonal rhythms.  Each season brings new layers to the daily life of the school.  The stories, painting and gardening activities are guided by the seasons, and children are taught by these changes about the world they live in.

Our Preschool program is a Co-op.  This means that we operate with a degree of Parental involvement.

Preschool Tuition for 2013-2014 school year

Two Days per Week: $350 per month options

Three Days per Week: $490 per month options

Five Days per Week: $775 per month


Ages: 2.9 to 4.9  (Participants must be two years and nine months by September.)

Parent Responsibility: Each member of the Parent Co-operative contributes to the needs of the community by volunteering in the classroom or other ways.

Starting in Fall the tentative co-op schedule is:

Child Attends 2 days/week, parent volunteers 1 days/month

Child Attends 3 days/week, parent volunteers 1 – 2 days/month

Child Attends 5 days/week, parent volunteers 2 days/month

Parents may be given the option to do volunteer hours in lieu of classroom time.